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Thanks for Stopping By, Duke Sowers and Reapers!

On Monday, October 22nd, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Duke Sowers and Reapers to our humble greenhouse. These intrepid students are studying a vast array of interesting subjects at Duke, including Environmental Justice, Environmental Science & Policy, Environmental Policy & Global Health, and more. Their determination and drive represent some of the best hopes for our future and we were so pleased to get to show them how we run our greenhouses in a way that is consistent with our values.

Head Grower Hans Lenselink showed the group of aspiring environmental scientists and policymakers around. With his decades of experience at Multiflora, his ability to share and implement effective processes, and his love for the gorgeous plants he helps to grow, he was the perfect choice.

Hans shared both his plant knowledge and his process management skills with the crew, who are looking into how Durham residents deal with issues such as climate change, gentrification, and environmental justice through their gardens. The curious students, who had plenty of great questions and comments, were able to see how we handle growing a vast quantity of plants in a way that is sustainable.

You can view some of what the team saw on their Instagram page, including some of our growing practices in action and a beautiful shot of our poinsettias!

We wish the team lots of success as they continue their gardening research and their studies! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Schedule Your Own Tour of Multiflora Greenhouses

If your club, group, or organization would like its own private tour of Multiflora Greenhouses, contact us today. We offer 30-minute tours for groups of 15 or fewer people for $150 and $250 for larger groups. Give us a call today to schedule your group for our next opening!

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