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Plants and Health? Relieve Stress and Boost Productivity

We live in a busy world, and sometimes it can take a toll on our physical, mental, or emotional health. Humans, of course, have been dealing with various forms of stress or anxiety for millennia. However, not until this past century did we encounter such a slew of pharmaceuticals claiming to help with symptoms from A to Z. Before pharmaceuticals became such a bustling industry, many people relied on natural remedies to relieve everything from headaches and indigestion to rashes and insomnia.

With a culture that appreciates technological advancements and places a premium on newness, relying on plants and natural remedies may seem, well, a bit outdated. However, research has shown that lavender, for example, can reduce anxiety and improve one’s quality of sleep. Similarly, a variety of essential oils may help provide pain relief, such as peppermint and rosemary. Because most current research tends to focus on pharmaceuticals versus placebos, we do need more studies to help definitively illustrate the links between plants and health, but we think it’s pretty clear that there’s a strong correlation between plants and our well-being.

Relieve Stress With Plants

Plants can be used to promote stress relief in a variety of ways.

Having plants in your home can reduce air pollution and help you de-stress. In fact, any indoor plant can help you feel more relaxed, according to numerous studies. That indoor reminder of the natural world has a positive effect on our mood and productivity.

Alternatively, essential oils distilled from plants can be diffused to create an inviting fragrance, promote productivity, and induce relaxation. Essential oils featured in lotions and elixirs can have similar benefits. The former can be applied topically, while the latter can be added to water and taken orally.

However you choose to introduce plant and plant-based products into your life,

Plants That Can Relieve Stress

If you’re looking to add some plants to your indoor environment, consider adding some of the following which are believed to relieve stress:

Lavender: We’ve already mentioned lavender, so it should come as no surprise that it’s a great plant to have inside. The scent is relaxing and there’s evidence that it can combat anxiety and stress as well as pain.

Aloe Vera: This healing plant can improve your indoor air quality. It can also be used topically to treat sunburns and cuts. Aloe Vera may help treat symptoms of anxiety and is relatively low maintenance.

Jasmine: Traditionally grown outdoors, Jasmine can also be grown indoors in an area with plenty of sunlight. The scent of Jasmine may help with boosting mood and reducing stress. Plus, it’s lovely to look at.

Rosemary: Rosemary is often used in natural products as a soothing component. In addition to being a delicious herb, it helps promote pain and stress relief.

Peppermint: Peppermint has an invigorating scent that can help relieve headaches. That same power can ease stress and revitalize you. Plus, you can use the leaves in a tea or as decoration on some yummy mint brownies.

Chrysanthemum (mums): One of the best air purifying plants for indoor environments, chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors. They can also be ingested in a tea for soothing benefits.

Chamomile: The quintessential calming tea makes a great indoor floral plant as well. The light scent of this plant can help push away stress and anxiety.

Plants That Can Boost Productivity

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity at home or at work, these plants can help! Studies have shown that workplaces with plants have happier, more productive employees and that green plants (as opposed to flowers) tend to be ideal.

Lemon Balm: Citrus is an invigorating scent that encourages productivity. Lemon essential oil is often used for mental clarity and focus and lemon balm is a hardy herbaceous perennial and will help provide a light lemon scent to your workspace or home.

Peace Lily: This graceful plant can handle being indoors. They require little light, making them ideal for an office environment.

Golden Pathos: Epipremmum aureum, the money plant, or golden pathos—whichever name you prefer, this easy-to-care-for plant thrives indoors and, according to NASA, is great at purifying indoor air.

Snake Plant: Like Golden Pathos, the Snake Plant can help reduce VOCs from the air. It requires little light and infrequent watering, which helps it thrive in an office environment. Plus, its green and yellow leaves add a spark of color. Snake plants may also relieve headaches.

Spider Plant: The Spider Plant has always been popular indoors thanks to its hardiness. It’s easy to care for and a fun plant to feature in a hanging planter.

Special Mentions: Rosemary and Peppermint. When kept at home, rosemary and peppermint can do triple-duty as stress-relieving and productivity-boosting plants, as well as kitchen helpers. In the office, they can help increase focus and productivity while naturally scenting the air and providing a pleasant work environment.

Plants can be placed on desks and pedestals, in large planters on the floor, or hung. Remember to check what type of lighting conditions are best for your chosen plants and how much water they’ll need!

Multiflora Greenhouses’ Floraceutics Line

Multiflora Greenhouses has partnered with Living Essences of Australia to create a unique line of creams and elixirs that promote natural health. Using natural extracts derived from high-quality Multiflora plants, Floraceautics aims to provide users a natural way to treat what ails them.

Plants have a way of brightening our day—whether we’re enjoying them in nature, in our gardens, or in our homes. Thankfully, some of those benefits translate well into products promoting health and vitality. Our Floraceutics line is available at our Hillsborough, NC, greenhouse, as well as online.

Stop by Multiflora Greenhouses today to explore our line of natural creams and elixirs. You’ll even find one formulated especially for your four-legged pals! Plus, check out our selection of plants and herbs that can help you transform your indoor or outdoor environment will relaying a host of health benefits.

Can’t make it in? No worries! Simply visit the Floraceutics website to order from our line.

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