Our Plants

Ornamental Pepper – Medusa

The Medusa Pepper Plant gets its name from the resemblance it has to Medusa’s head full of snakes for hair. When this pepper plant is full of colorful peppers that twist and turn like snakes, it reminds one of Medusa and her snakes which is also the reason for considering it as an exotic houseplant. The colorful peppers produced by the Medusa Pepper Plant are green when immature then ripen to color of ivory, then turns to yellow, then orange and finally bright red. These pointed peppers will grow to lengths of one inch long or more and are not hot to taste as most peppers are and they are even safe to have around children, but they are generally only used as ornamental plants and are not eaten. A single plant can produce 40 to 50 fruits, displaying the entire range of colors at one time which is truly spectacular.

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