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$300 minimum order + $60 delivery fee for NC

$500 minimum order + $75 delivery fee for SC, VA, MD, DE

$1,000 minimum order + $90 delivery fee for PA, WV, NJ, NY, OH, KY

Delivery fee (based on geographic shipping area):
Pick up (no fee)
Deliver to NC ($60)
Deliver to SC, VA, MD, DE ($75)
Deliver to PA, WV, NJ, NY, OH, KY ($90)


Available Begonia dark leaf pink

Available Begonia dark leaf rose

Available Begonia dark leaf scarlet

Available Begonia dark leaf white

Available Begonia green leaf rose

Available Begonia green leaf scarlet

Available Begonia green leaf white

Available Impatiens lipstick

Available Impatiens pink

Available Impatiens red

Available Impatiens salmon

Available Impatiens white

Available Petunia blue

Available Petunia evening mix

Available Petunia morning mix

Available Petunia pink morn

Available Petunia red

Available Petunia red star

Available Petunia rose picotee

Available Petunia salmon

Available Petunia violet

Available Petunia white

Available Portulaca sundial mix

Available Vinca bright eye

Available Vinca burgundy halo

Available Vinca merlot mix

Available Vinca mystic mix

Available Vinca red


Available Cucumber burpless

Available Pepper calif. wonder

Available Pepper jalapeno

Available Pepper sweet banana

Available Tomato beefsteak

Available Tomato better boy

(TR4.5) 4.5 INCH POT (12 POTS/TRAY) - $15.60/TRAY

Available Basil

Available Begonia nonstop mix

Available Dill

Available Double impatiens bonita cherry

Available Double impatiens bonita peach

Available Dracaena spikes

Available Mexican heather

Available New guinea impatiens lavender

Available New guinea impatiens orange

Available New guinea impatiens red

Available New guinea impatiens violet

Available New guinea impatiens white

Available Parsley

Available Sweet potato vine blackie

Available Sweet potato vine marguerite

Available Sweet potato vine tri-color

Available Vinca cora mix

(CT4.5) 4.5 INCH POT (12 POTS/TRAY) - $15.60/TRAY

Available Caladium pink

Available Caladium red

Available Caladium white

(GD5) 5 INCH POT (8 POTS/TRAY) - $16.80/TRAY

Available Gerber daisy revolution mix

(GE6) 6 INCH POT (6 POTS/TRAY) - $18.00/TRAY

Available Geranium lavender

Available Geranium pink

Available Geranium red

Available Geranium white


Available Boston fern


Available Begonia dragon wing pink

Available Begonia dragon wing red

Available Begonia tumbler non-stop mix

Available Geranium pinto coral

Available Geranium pinto deep red

Available Geranium pinto pink

Available Geranium pinto violet (hot pink)

Available Impatiens cherry

Available Impatiens glow

Available Impatiens heat

Available Impatiens purple

Available Impatiens white

Available Ivy geranium fuchsia

Available Ivy geranium mix

Available Ivy geranium true red

Available Lantana cherry sunrise

Available Lantana new gold

Available Lantana red

Available Lantana rose

Available New guinea impatiens cherry

Available New guinea impatiens coral ice

Available New guinea impatiens hot pink

Available New guinea impatiens pastel pink

Available New guinea impatiens purple

Available New guinea impatiens red

Available New guinea impatiens white